About us

Polly and Serge. Stunner Football Kits.

Hey! Thanks for visiting.
Let us explain a little bit about what are we up to. Digging up unique football gear from all around the world to further route it to people who can appreciate it in full. That pretty much explains it all. Regardless of who you are: a football fan, a collector or a mod — rest assured we’ll help you find the piece you’ve been looking for.

The whole vintage football shirts as a way of living kinda thing began way back in 2012. I landed myself an all time classic France 2000/02 home shirt and that triggered the memories of all the bootleg tops I use to own as a kid. Later on, Polly joined the ship as we launched our eBay store and began to ship worldwide.

In the summer of 2019, we held an experimental pop-up store as the part of Kurazh Bazar – Kyiv’s largest flea-market.

Eventually, all of that classic designs fascination and desire to meet people who share this passion of ours led us to a momentous event — starting our own website. Home, where we can all meet, discuss and hang out, so welcome, we are happy to see you.

P.S. Below you will find our social media links – check us out 😉